Body contouring and lipoaspiration
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Body contouring and lipoaspiration


From lipoaspiration to liposculpture to Brazilian lipoplasty. Fat disposal or fat recycling? 

Surgical techniques from Latin America to the Balkans.

 Liposuction surgery can be used to treat stubborn fat pockets in many parts of the body including: abdomen, waist, thighs, hips and buttocks, arms, neck and back, inner knee, calves, ankles. etc History. **1974. Dr. Giorgio Fischer, a gynaecologist from Italy invented the original form of liposuction. **1978. French physicians Illouz and Fournier further developed liposuction but was confronting negative publicity due to patients experiencing excessive bleeding and undesirable rippling of the skin after surgery. **1985. Dr. Jeffrey A.Klein, a California Dermatologist, invented the tumescent technique for liposuction, revolutionizing liposuction surgery. His "Tumescent Technique" allowed patients to have liposuction performed totally by local anesthesia using a much smaller quantity of general anaesthetic and pain relief drugs. Later the wet and superwet tumescent techniques became very popular as well.

From then on, the handling of body contour deformities, known as body contouring, took two major directions:

A) Fat disposal, through manual lipoaspiration with smaller cannulas known as smaller volume liposculpture with much better results, then in **2000. Ultrasound was introduced to facilitate the fat removal by first liquefying it using ultrasonic energy. After a flurry of initial interest, an increase in reported complications tempered the enthusiasm of many practitioners and then in. **2006. Laser lipolysis was introduced to liquidify the fat tissue before it could then be aspirated easier and the skin retract faster, but the operation was taking much longer.

B) Fat recycling, transfer and grafting **1996. Dr Sydney Coleman from NY presented the autologous fat grafting in face and breast, a procedure already used in the buttock area for several years by some important plastic surgeons in Brazil.

Brazilian lipoplasty reshapes and slims specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits and transferring a small quantity of untreated or treated aspirated fat (including some stem cells and platelets) in certain designated areas based on artistic criteria and considerations, improving the patient's body contours and proportion, and ultimately, enhancing the patient's self-image. For artistic purposes, the Brazilian lipoplasty body contouring technique uses the "ogge curve" principle as a useful design tool.

Dispose or Recycle?

The way we see it is that after removal, the fat tissue can be recycled and used as a sculpture tool for a complete remodeling of the shape of the body, specially in difficult areas with local fat accumulation, cellulitis and skin flaccidity or sagging. Based on our experience the complication rate of this technique is very low. 

The plastic surgery of body contouring reshapes the body line by removing localized fat, thus improving its proportion and giving a beautiful and analogical image, restoring the right lines.
Regardless of fitness level or balanced eating habits, many people, men and women, seem to have a disproportionate body line due to localized deposition of fat. For people that ‘deprivation’ diets and exhausting exercise does not work well, cosmetic surgery offers an easy, quick and painless solution with spectacular results!


What makes this new technique so strikingly impressive is not only the spectacular results achieved but the simplicity in doing so, as it is performed under local anaesthesia and an overnight stay in the hospital is not required.   Surgery duration is less than an hour.  The operation is performed with absolutely no pain. 


For one month following surgery the use of a corset during the day, is suggested. The slight swelling and bruising will disappear after just one week. The end result is attributed to 6 months and will remain for many years if no major body changes  occur, such as pregnancy, weight gain and menopause. 

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Dr. I. Lyras, Director Clinic Plastic Surgery Athens Medical Center, Honorary Consul of Brazil in Greece