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Face lifts, head and neck mini-lifts


It’s the well-known renewal facial surgery applied worldwide since the 1960's when the standards of living rose sharply and the demand for antiaging led to renewing medical solutions. The operation emphases in pulling the skin upwardly and back to reverse the effects of gravity and aging. The decision for this operation is usually taken at the age of 54 years for the ladies and at the age of 64 for the gentlemen.

Modern lifting

This is another approach, completely different, followed by several schools around the world but not in Latin America.

Face during the decades of life, is due to variations in weight, edema before menstruation and relaxation that comes with time, there is a downward displacement of the soft tissues, leading to entrainment and skin showing FACE tired.
Utilizing an internal grid of completely soluble (absorbable and 45 days) yarn called threading and which has as purpose to support the internal face, that it is not necessary to excessive tension on the skin leading to the inevitable deformation. The techniques he did not argue the inner part of the face, so unless the trend could be observed, the result of lifting itself may not last more than a year.
The modern lifting does not rely on excessive tension of the facial skin, but the good foundation of internal soft tissues.

The combination of the outer and inner lifting the existence of the supporting matrix, which when absorbed leaves a new collagen network guarantees the longevity of the effect, no deformation.

The modern facelift should be done early in the age of women's lives that the dramatic improvement achieved-preservation seems to be the result of good life and no intervention of the plastic surgeon. It is a lightweight surgery treats each person individually based on his personality and which fully respects, and the person can return home the same evening, and can be viewed freely on social activities ten days after surgery