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Breast enlargement-augmentation


Beautiful breasts

The female breast is a symbol of femininity, maternity, and beauty with emotional resonance and cultural symbolism as old as the existence of man / human existance. Then, a beautiful breast was considered a gift of the gods ... Today, every woman can fulfill her dream of beautiful breasts, by choosing one of the aesthetic breast operations offered by plastic surgery.

When it should be done

The main indications for aesthetic plastic surgery are:  inadequate breast size, megalomastia or laxity of the breast. It can also be performed for psychological reasons when women feel unsatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts, and in cases of anisomastia (uneven breast size) or when rehabilitation is required.If you are dissatisfied with your breast size, breast augmentation surgery (either breast enhancement or breast enlargement) is a choice to consider. Breast augmentation can increase fullness and projection of your breasts, improve the balance of your figure and also enhance your self-image and self-confidence.

The procedure

Preoperative exams take place. The complainant submits a photo with a naked breast of her choise and asks for a similar result. A very good choice is the breast to be within normal limits and not excessive. The surgery takes places at the clinic, and is performed by the doctor under local anesthesia and lasts 40 minutes, is painless, and during it, the person may be involved in selecting the final size and shape in these moments of interventions made ​​tests.
The incision through which the implant is placed in the lower half of the areola, because there is invisible. The patient is ready to leave the clinic after 2 hours wearing a bandage and having our instructions for medication and avoidance of sudden movement of the upper torso. The next day we remove the bandage and she can go to work wearing a sports bra. The stitches are internal and absorbed, so they need no removal. "

 Future behavior of the implant 

as early as the  third postoperative day implants feel and look like an integral part of the body. For six (6) weeks after the surgery, swimming or exercising at the gym. is not recommended.After the second week she is free to go to the beach sun protected under an umbrella and on a shady lounge chair. Mild exercising is permitted. By the way, if one can abstain from  intense physical activity, exposure to accidents, violent quarrels, pregnancy) the implants do not usually suffer damage, but may need minor adjustments. This rarely happens especially if the person involved in accidents related to the thorax. Then the implants can rupture or shrink. Otherwise implants placed either above or below the chest muscle behave as part of our body. "

The effective methods of Breast Augmentation are >

1) Fat filling injections only. Very good technique for small upgrades of already existing small but beautiful breasts with fat harvested from the patient's body and simultaneously re injected into the breast.

2) inserting silicone breast implants using the following techniques of positioning of the implant >

a.Subglandular. Breast Augmentation by placing the implant beneath the mammary gland: Resulting to the rounding of the breast’s upper pole, but also to the “wrinklling” (rippling) of the skin in this area especially for women with fine skin - a very good choice for voluptuous women.Simple and economic

b.Submuscular. The implant is totally placed beneath-under and covered by the pectoral muscle resulting in lack of movement by the blockage caused by the activity of the muscle and problems of animation and mobility of the new breast.

c.Subfacial. Breast Augmentation by implant placement below the pectoralis major muscle: The implant presents better coverage giving the breast a more natural sensation – a very good choice for small-sized women.

d. Dual plane breast augmentation: A combination of the above techniques by placing the implant’s upper pole under the pectoralis major muscle and the lower pole under the mammary gland. This is an excellent choice for women who want a completely natural and great result. Natural animation is guaranteed with this technique.

e. Three-plane techniques. Performed with special manipulations of the pectoral muscle.

3) Combination of the two materials using fat graft and breast silicone implants >

THE NEW 3D Breast enlargement /The triple Plane (Triplane) Composite new personal Technique.

The most modern,  the most logical solution providing the best  and most natural animation performance and the best coverage of the breast  implant by the NEW 3D COMPOSITE BREAST ENLAGEMENT TECHNIQUE....>  

(read here the link) { dual plane tissue (muscle & gland) and auto-translanted self lipograft (fat &stem cells and platelets)}