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Holistic Qudruplane 2+2

 Quadruplane (2+2)  composite silicone implant and fat grafting holistic personal technique".

  in 2010 we designed our personal approach to the issue of breast enlargement as “triple plane composite technique” In our technique we propose a combination of the three most popular techniques used by the majority of plastic surgeons today: i.e. the subglandular or the submuscular placement of a suitable silicone implant and the optimising use of fat grafting. We use all variations of the dual plane technique. By this particular technique we combine the dual plane approach for the central [glandular] part of the operated breast and the fat tissue aspirate for the peripherical parts of the breast where there was no gland before the augmentation or reconstruction [upper, inner & lower poles, cleavage, and lateral projection]. We harvest the fat tissue from aesthetically problematic areas using standard technique and simple decantation and immediately reinsert it in the host areas using multiple microtunnels for the reinjection. With our method we achieve an overall take rate of the fatty tissue of more than 50%.

We named this technique as "triple plane-no pain composite holistic silicone implant and fat grafting technique for breast augmentation" because It consists of the optimum COMBINATION OF THE USE OF BOTH CERTIFIED TECHNIQUES OF BREAST ENLARGEMENT WITH IMPLANTS AND FAT.

Then we thought that other aesthetic desires of our female patients such as a brazilian buttock lift  could be safely served at the same time and in one operation. When we use the aspirated fat tissue only for reinjection in the chest arround the breast,  we refer to this technique as {triplane (triple plane) “2+1” composite technique}.
hen we also perform associated brazilian gluteoplasty through gluteal liposculpture and buttock lift, as  {quadruplane “2+2”  holistic technique }.  

The medical and artistic goals of a successful breast augmentation plastic operation in selected cases of very slim patients with non existent or unshaped or asymmetric breasts associated with hemi-thoracic atrophy or scaphoid pectoral thorax and localized fat accumulation deformities in the waist, gluteal or abdominal areas can be better achieved by the use of this approach, as we believe that our particular strategies can lead to a result which will fulfil all eight characteristics of a beautifully augmented breast and of a harmonious body silhouette contour in one sole operation: size, shape, position, symmetry, firmness, tissue coverage of the foreign body, harmony and safety.

In 2013 we first presented the "triple plane personal 2+1  technique"  during a scientific debate at the 10th National Hellenic Congress of plastic surgery in Athens, Greece.  In 2014 we presented our first results at the XXVIII European Federation Congress of the International College of Surgeons and at the 3rd Monaco World Congress of Plastic Surgery and in 2015 at the 11th National Hellenic Congress of Plastic Surgery.

The quadruplane 2+2 personal technique will be first presented in 2016 at the 4th Monaco World Congress of plastic surgery.