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Loutraki thermal springs
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Loutraki thermal springs


Press release by dr.Lyras-member of the board of directors of the CCG.

A very important and exceptional visit to Loutraki Thermal Spa and the thermal springs of the municipality Loutraki – Ag.Theodoroi was organized for the delegation of the Consular Corps of Greece on the 9th of November 2013.

The delegation consisted of general, honorary consuls and diplomats from France, Ireland, Slovakia, Estonia, Ethiopia, Dominica and Brazil.

On behalf of the administrative council of the Consular Corps in Greece attended the President Terina Kalogeropoulou – Armenaki (Ethiopia's Honorary Consul) and the plastic surgeon Mr. Giannis Lyras (Brazil’s Honorary Consul).

The delegation was welcomed in Loutraki Thermal Spa by the mayor of Loutraki – Ag. Theodoroi Mr. Kostas Logothetis, the deputy mayor Mr Athanasios Mouzakis, Nikolaos Lois, President of the BoD of the Municipal Agency “O PROMITHEAS” for Culture , Sports and Environment, the operation manager of Loutraki Thermal Spa Mr Nikolaos Petritsis and the marketing manager Vana Nikolopoulou.


The mayor of Loutraki – Ag.Theodoroi Mr Kostas Logothetis, welcoming the consuls mentioned that, “Loutraki, being the most ancient spa resort of Greece is ideal for medical & spa tourism and has all the tourism infrastructure and facilities so as to become an all-year round destination”.


The President of the Consular Corps in Greece Mrs Terina Kalogeropoulou – Armenaki said that she is very pleased and impressed by this important visit and promised that the Consular Corps will promote the beautiful city of Loutraki as a destination of tourism, leisure and residence with a valuable positive element the thermal spring water, to foreign diplomats, embassies and consular officers.


The organizer of the visit, Brazil’s Honorary Consul, Mr Giannis Lyras pointed out that, given that tourism is the spearhead of the Greek economy, Loutraki can become with concerted efforts a leading destination of thermal recreation and medical wellness, equivalent of other famous European spa resorts”.


Finally, the Deputy Ambassador of Slovakia in Greece Mrs Miriam Rafajova (whose country has a long tradition in spa tourism) said that, “we will surely establish a twinning arrangement with one of the famous spa resorts of my country”.


Mr. Petritsis guided the consuls in the ultra modern premises of Loutraki Thermal Spa, total area of 5.075 m2, in a unique environment of affordable luxury and exquisite hospitality, offering a rejuvenating experience for mind-body-spirit, relaxing and wellness body and facial treatments while highlighting the life-blood and the healing properties of the thermal water Loutraki.


The marketing manager, Vana Nikolopoulou, offered an exclusive tour in the classical semicircular building, which was constructed at the mouths of hot mineral springs of Loutraki during the interwar years by the architect Dimitrios Pikionis, while the mosaic on the domes were created by Stephen Xenopoulos.


The delegation was particularly excited to taste the water Loutraki, regained energy in the large pool, enjoyed relaxing spa treatments and in general was amazed by the luxurious facilities and the unique services of Loutraki Thermal Spa.

The proposal of the visit to Loutraki was made by the plastic surgeon Giannis Lyras (member of the administrative council of the Consular Corps) and his wife Pari Rapti (medical doctor - endocrinologist), who is from Loutraki and is well- informed about the city and its history and anything related to thermal and medical tourism.

Mrs Pari Rapti – Lyra had organized in 2006 the 1st Mediterranean Conference of thermal medicine with a great international participation in Loutraki. The Consular Corps of Greece accepted the proposal.


Network Discover Greece, invited by the Consular Corps, covered the event according to the concept “advertising and promotion of medical and spa tourism and long stay holidays” presenting Loutraki as a tourism destination close to Athens…


The Consular Corps (CCG) in Greece was established in 1972 with the purpose of developing the relations among its members and the host country (Hellenic Republic) and making it conducive to a more effective performance of each of its members' consular functions. The CCG through its numerous activities during the past 35 years has succeeded in creating ties of friendship between its members, including diplomats and consular officers, which still endure even today. The activities of the CCG include the organization of successful events, exhibitions, speeches and visits to various historical, cultural sites and major attractions of Greece. All the above activities have proven to be a valuable acquaintance of foreign diplomats with Greece. As part of these activities, a delegation of the Consular Corps visited the city of Loutraki. All the members loved Loutraki and promised to convey the experiences of hospitality and that at the first opportunity they will visit the area again with their friends.


The main message of the visit of the members of the Consular Corps in Greece to Loutraki was that, “the successful emergence of a Greek historic spa resort with hotel infrastructure and modern sanitary facilities with therapeutic artesian water, easy access from Athens that combines mountain and sea and has a mild climate during most of the year, is a matter of national importance and is necessary to rely on professionals from many scientific disciplines”.