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Travel and accomodation support for plastic surgery
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Reasons for choosing Greece
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Travel and accomodation support for plastic surgery

Coming to Greece or Cyprus, is becoming gradually easier and more comfortable nowadays. The new
International Airport is your newest destination and the first point of contact within our city, if you decide to be operated in Greece.

On the other hand, Limassol, is a well known touristic destination with high profile new medical centres.
Both countries are members of the EEU Of course, you have already chosen the date, the prceedure, your plastic surgeon... everything!

But what happens after you get to the airport? How will you move around in Athens?

How will you meet your Plastic surgeon?

Who will take you to the office and to the hospital or the clinic?

Don't you need a driver? A limousine?

Dont' you need somebody to show you how will you spend your boring pre-operative and post-operative hours besides your spa treatments ? Dont' you want to Choose a spa that suits your pofile ? Theaters, sites, restaurants, cinemas etc. And nursing servises also, and other things you might need.

These high standard services are available for both Athens Greece, and Limassol Cyprus.

All these things are upon our specialized people to take care of. If you are interested in this service, please fill in the form below, and the appropriate representative will contact you. His aim is to make your plastic surgery experience become a comfortable and fruitful choice.

Unforgetable and very successful 7 days plastic surgery touristic vacation is the newest fashion for rejuvenation and beautyfication of your face and body in the 21st century !!!